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Add Extra Sparkles to each party with a Bouncy Castle, Face Painter, Garden Games or Bubble Machine.

All new: Classic Birthday Party


No technology, no online gaming, just good old fashioned, classic party games and family fun! Consisting of 8 party game favourites over 3 hours. Including musical statues and pass the parcel, this party ensures a whole lot of wholesome fun for everyone! The package includes two childcare professionals who will supervise and lead the fun, plus the party prizes and equipment. 

BELL TENT ART PARTY:  Bohemian, chic, fun and inspiring, our bell tent art party is a firm favourite. A little cove for creative minds to conspire into a world of paints, glitter, clay, feathers and many more tools for spontaneous flowing art therapy. We provide a canvas for each child and aprons to ensure that new party attire does not get ruined! Supervised by two child care professionals to help inspire and encourage ideas.

We can provide a choice of a 4m natural tent or a 5m baby blue tent depending on the amount of children and size of your chosen venue.

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What better way to spend those hot and sticky summer nights than with your best friends camping under the beautiful moonlit sky! The tent is beautifully decorated with feather garlands, fairy lights, cactus pillows and sparkly green cactus props that twinkle in the dark. Providing a personalised pyjama top for each child  plus a midnight feast goody box filled with fresh fruit, popcorn, juice and biscuits, this sleepover is one that will not be forgotten.

With games like ‘Truth or Dare’, ‘Chinese Whispers’ and “Twister” plus a selection of classic board games there will be giggles all night. Our attendants are on hand all night to ensure that every child has an experience of a lifetime meaning parents can relax in the knowledge that everything is under control.

Can be hired alone (supervised by parents) or with 2 superstar nannies.


On your marks, Get set, Go!!!  Our retro races are the way of  showing children the games many of us adults grew up playing. We have all the classics, Egg and Spoon Race, 3-Legged Race, Tug-of-War, and wheelbarrow races to name but a few! With two team leaders on board the children will create two teams of Reds and Blue and battle against each other in a fun traditional way. We aim to show children that working as a team whilst having fun at

the same time can create some amazing memories. Plus this time the adults can get involved too!

Each child will receive a certificate of completion plus an amazing prize bag filled with retro toys.

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Roll up, roll up! Welcome to the White Rabbit Carnival!!

We can bring some traditional fun to your party or event with our classic handmade wooden games! We have all the classics—Ring Toss, Balloon darts, Tin Can Alley, Clown Beanbag Toss plus a “head in the hole” photo prop for giggles all day!

Includes 2 attendants to run the games and a bag of 50 small toy prizes.

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