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We have never met a child who doesn’t like to spend hours bouncing up and down on an inflatable castle. With our range of bouncy castles available, these are a sure hit at any children’s event. All our castles are fully insured and we take safety very seriously, extra care is always taken when securing each bouncy castle firmly to the ground. All bouncy castles are fixed down with sandbags and/or extra large ground pegs. Our company policy is that no bouncy castle will go outside if the wind speed is 32km per hour or more.


Who says bouncy castles are just for kids? Luckily our fairy tale castle is safe for adults to bounce on too! With a deeper base and heavier stitching you can hire this for an adult party or event, bounce with the kids or simply wait for them to go to bed and then really get the party started!!


A favourite with the more adventurous.... Start by ducking and diving through the obstacles, then who will be first to reach the ‘King of the Castle’ point at the top before sliding down onto the crash mats at the end? The challenge is set!


A favourite for the smaller bunnies, the Frozen bouncy castle is enclosed so the little ones can bounce from wall to wall safely whilst the attached slide with keep them amused for hours on end.

4.6M L

4.3M W

4M H

Age: No restrictions

11.5M L

3.35M W

Age: No restrictions

4.5M L

5.2M W

Age: Up to 12 years

Hover over castles for their dimensions.

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