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Summer Club's 2021

Nurturing your child's character and holistic growth with White Rabbit's unique workshop led Summer Club's. Supporting the imagination and growth of your little ones through the encouragement of trained childcare professionals who care!

For ages 5-9, bespoke Kids Clubs for older children available depending on numbers.


What we offer

Small groups of children with limited numbers, in a supported and caring environment.

Our unique workshop led summer club's encourages children to discover new passions, develop their creative skills as well as their communication and team skills in a safe yet inspiring environment. Merging classroom and nature learning harmoniously. 

This year we have a new venue, Think English Academy in Santa Eulalia. A modern, bright, AC and ventilated space that is a stones throw from a great park and beaches. 

Workshops are developed by White Rabbit to be super fun, creative and educational. Introducing your little one to something they may not necessarily choose by themselves.  


Sign up to the members area to view and download more Summer Club information including flyers, a full workshop list, timetables, costs and discounts.  

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