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With the Nepal Pestalozzi Foundation

GEM & AMIR, White Rabbit Ibiza Owners

White Rabbit are big believers of teaching children to understand the world through art, imagination, free thought, and creativity. By encouraging more traditional methods of play into our parties and events, we ensure that with imagination the limits are endless.

Claire Ahmet, founded White Rabbit Ibiza in 2015. In late 2018, she passed the White Rabbit reins to new owners, Gem & Amir. "We are thrilled to start 2019 as Mr. & Mrs. White

Rabbit Ibiza. We're very excited to see what magic awaits us and how much fairy dust we can sprinkle!" 

Gem, founder of Ibiza Kids Corner noticed a need for insured, background checked childcare professionals who added magic and fun to babysitting and holiday nanny care. Every "superstar" (childcare professional) is trained in diverse areas of childcare such as additional needs, disabilities, family support, and teaching. Gem realised that childcare on this level wasn't readily available for special events. So she developed Ibiza Kids Corner to offer fun, safe services that allow everyone to take part, have fun, and enjoy! 


In 2019, Gem & Amir brought together White Rabbit Ibiza's magical services and Ibiza Kids Corner's expert childcare to create the perfect children's event company! 


Specialising in fairy tales and make-believe, White Rabbit Ibiza provides a wide range of products and services to add that extra special touch to parties and events. They bring supernatural powers, unicorns, pixie dust, and—most importantly—magic to every event. "We provide a safe place which promotes creativity and inclusiveness, encouraging children of all ages and ability to use their imagination. We love seeing the little ones enjoy themselves in their own magic."



White Rabbit is amazing team of professionals who provide so many stylish stuff for kids parties. We managed an absolutely amazing bday party for my daughter and all kids really enjoyed it: amazing art-tent, amazing garden games and decorations for it.... And if you are looking for someone to help you with party for children—you are in the right place with the best people for it!


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